Naca v. Macalester College

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Summary Naca v Macalester

  1. Fall 2013 - Macalester Director of Employment Services, Robert Graf, threatens Prof. Kristin Naca with termination based on her medical disability.

  2. From 2013-2015, then-Macalester Provost Kathleen Murray denies Prof. Naca’s multiple requests for medical accommodations.

  3. July 2014 - Provost Murray threatens Prof. Naca’s tenure based on her religion.

  4. May 2015 - Jane Doe, a Mac alumna, makes a false harassment complaint against Naca.

  5. June 2015 - Contrary to the investigation findings, Macalester Dean of Students adds a belated and fabricated charge of ‘sexual assault’ against Prof. Naca. She is terminated September 2015.

  6. February 2016 - An MN Unemployment Insurance judge finds in Plaintiff’s favor, writing, “Naca was discharged for reasons other than employment misconduct.”

  7. September 2016 - Jane Doe writes a letter of apology to Prof. Naca that confirms Macalester officials fabricated the ‘sexual assault’ charge to terminate Naca. It follows:

Dear Naca, Thank you for mentoring me. You taught me how to write a poem. You taught me how to walk through fire and I will always be grateful for that. I never intended for you to lose your job. I never alleged sexual assault. I never wanted to cause you suffering.

Jane Doe
kristin naca,
Oct 13, 2016, 7:50 AM